It has been way too long since I put pen to paper — or fingers to keyboard :-)  —  to communicate with you. With this new website I’m so glad that we can now keep in touch on a regular basis! 

As you know if you’ve been reading the Centerpoint e-newsletters, many big transitions have been occurring at Centerpoint. When I run into any Centerpoint people I know, I seem to be asked one common question: “How are you handling all the changes… are you OK?” Just to set the record straight, I am more than OK, I am ecstatic! My dream, my vision from Centerpoint’s inception has been to have the organization stand on its own two feet without me nurturing it and worrying about it on a daily basis. My dream has finally come true. Yay! I am thrilled that Centerpoint is being guided along by the extremely capable hands of Leah Krieger, her new board of directors, and a fantastic, growing faculty. Because of all this, I am able to do things beyond the Centerpoint offices that contribute to building the work and the organization.

In looking back over 2014, I was fortunate to have been asked to keynote and facilitate all over the US and Canada. It began in Ottawa and Chicago in the winter — brrr! — to Tempe Arizona and Moose Jaw Saskatchewan in the fall. I am honored to be a Trustee on the National Career Development Association’s board of directors and that has brought me to Baltimore, Long Beach CA, and Minneapolis. Sandwiched in between I was able to train new Centerpoint facilitators as well as other career folks from beyond the Seattle area… one came in from as far away as Melbourne Australia and returned for more Centerpoint training this month!

I had lots of fun with an hour-long radio show once a month on KKNW which we called, Design a Life You Love. (Podcasts are available on this page.) I would love to parlay that experience into a spot on one of our local public radio stations so if you know how to help me do this, I would be so very grateful.

Speaking of looking forward, may have heard about a workshop on Lopez Island that a colleague of mine and I are facilitating for teachers, therapists, and counselors in February. And then, in March, there’s the British Columbia Career Development Association keynote, NCDA Board Meeting and Carer Practitioner Institute in New Mexico, and working on a second edition to my book, The Time Between Dreams.

As you can see, I’m still a part of sharing in Centerpoint’s important and ground-breaking work. But now I’m excited to spread its message beyond my previous limited boundaries when I was needed in the office every day. As all transitions can be confusing and a bit overwhelming, how to do all of this seamlessly is still in process. I have no doubts whatever that it will all coalesce into a vision where Centerpoint’s work has spread, is well-regarded, and supports more and more people through the confusing uncertainty of life so they can all access a place of deep passion and purpose.

I look forward to the next time we “talk.” Instead of simply catching you up on news, in future notes, I hope to be able to share more of my personal learning with you.

Until then, all the best,